JP Mishra
CEO and Founder
Executive Business Analytics - IIM Calcutta, PGDESD - CDAC

JP has over 16+ years of experience in analytics and consulting with leading global organizations such as UnitedHealthGroup, ADP Wilco, SAP, SHS and has deep expertise in AI, Data Science, Designs analytical methods for insights mining in the area of Fraud Analytics, Machine Translation , NLP Chatbot conversation, Computer Vision, Face-recognition/Object-detection, Video Analytics.

Vastly experienced in carrying out AI Consulting for Corporate like Dell, Oracle, KPMG, Qualcomm, Mercedes-Benz, CITRIX, Bank Of America, American Express, , Ericsson, Citi Bank, IBM, Unisys, Accenture, Samsung Harman & delivered seminars at IIT Kanpur , IIT Hyderabad and at Cross Cultural Workforce Worldwide(USA, UK, Singapore).

Ajitesh Shukla
Mentor and Advisory Board Member
B.Tech – IIT Khargpur

With more than 22+ years of experience in IT industry, Ajitesh has worked in larger/medium-size companies and startups. He has been part of founding technology team of successful startups such as Cendura (acquired by CA) and WaveCrest Payments Technologies (Setup Technology team of 100+ Engineers in India).

Ajitesh has recently authored a book titled as “Building Web Apps with Spring 5 and Angular” which is being published worldwide by PacktPub.