Stop Account Takeover Fraud

Prevent Account Takeover (ATO) Fraud with Behavioral Biometrics

Account takeover (ATO) continues to be a growing problem for businesses worldwide.

Account takeover attacks are on the rise, with an estimated 22% of adults in the US falling victim to this type of fraud, and average losses of around $12,000 per case. It is essential now more than ever not just for private individuals but also businesses to put in place defences against online fraud.

ATO Attacks Result in

User Abandonment

Reduced Customer Engagement

Brand Damage

Loss of Customer Trust

Keep your customers safe from takeover attacks with adapID Behaviour Biometrics.

adapID uses Behavioural Biometrics to create behavioural insights and that can detect signs of abnormal activity. It leverages breakthrough technology that takes into account User behaviour traits and cognitive insights to determine any deviation from genuine user’s behavior.

adapID Account Takeover analyses unique micro patterns to generate behavioural insights that enable only genuine account owners to gain access.

Our Behavioral Biometrics solution helps streamline Customer experience, increase customer trust and reduce fraud.


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