AI Powered Cyber Threat Protection

Using Behavioral Biometrics

Detect and prevent highly sophisticated threats, reducing false positives and providing a 360-degree cyber protection ecosystem.

adapID - Continuous User Identity Authentication using Behavioral Biometrics

Cyber threats and Remote attacks are on the Rise. adapID - an Artificial Intelligence and Behavioral Biometrics powered security solution provides users with continuous authentication to tackle advanced Cyber threats.

adapIDs AI Algorithms quickly learn from human machine interactions and are much convenient and less intrusive than traditional approaches.It keeps you safe from frauds by eliminating passwords and continuous authentication beyond the login.

adapID works silently and passively, monitoring the unique micro-behaviors that uniquely identify individual users.

What is Behavioral Biometrics?

Behavioral biometric is a field of science which revolves around uniquely identifying a user basis their activities on devices such as mobile, laptop, IOT devices etc.

On a high level, it is categorized as either physiological or behavioral.


Physiological Biometric Methods

involve parameters or features related to an individual such as its fingerprints, face scans, retina scans, iris scans, palm scans (also known as palm topography or palm geography), hand geometry and voice patterns. These being static can be modulated by fraudster to mimic a person.


Behavioural Biometric Methods

Are more about signature dynamics and keystroke patterns (keystroke dynamics). These features continuous evolve with a user and hence become difficult to be replicated and profiled. Sometimes they are also referred to as something-we-do as authentication

Functional Pointers for Deep Algorithms Behavioral Biometrics

Uniquely build a user identity and the respective risk score without impacting their digital journey.

Providing a transparent, frictionless and invisible journey for end users.

Continuous monitor and analysis of user activity

Real time identification of a bot and a normal individual

Inbuilt click analysis of user activity across login and transaction sessions

Building a single user profile across their enterprise digital channels

Easy to integrate and deploy readily available SDK and API's

adapID Behaviour Biometrics Solution is adept at preventing the following set of frauds:

Account Takeover Frauds

Using stolen username and passwords, an attacker can gain access to a secured ecosystem. Behavioral biometric uses its dynamic phenomenon to ensure that only valid or legitimate user is able to access the customer ecosystem

Synthetic Identity Frauds

Using dynamic profiling feature of behavior biometric, organization can prevent fraudsters with compromised or synthetic identities to access secure portal or services

RAT Frauds

With its inherent capabilities to distinguish bots (machines) and human beings, our behavior biometric offering can prevent unauthorized users to access organization services both locally and remotely

Administrator Shared /Compromised Account frauds

Any suspicious attempt to access an admin account by an uninvited user/guest gets noticed by the behavioral biometric application.


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