Prevent New Account Fraud

New account opening fraud continues to grow at a rapid pace worldwide.

Accessibility, convenience and ease of use make digital tools the preferred choice for consumers, but if not used appropriately it can open a plethora of vulnerabilities, threats, frauds and loss of possible business opportunities.

Eliminate Fradulent Account Opening with adapID Behavioural Biometrics

Understand behavioural insights of individual

Identify Stolen and Synthetic Identities.

Detect Bots

Prevent Account Takeovers

adapID Behaviour Biometrics Solution protects your business from new account fraud

adapID Behavioural biometrics analyses user behaviour patterns to identify fraud in the new account opening process. By constantly monitoring the way users interact with their devices, our solution can build detailed behavioural profiles used as a reference to protect from possible fraudulent activities.

The unique advantage of the solution lies in the ability to work quietly in the background during the user's session, without interfering with their experience, thus providing a frictionless experience to them.

This provides users with an uninterrupted environment to complete their digital transactions seamlessly.


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