Data Lake strategy

Dashboard & Reporting

AI/ML Model Strategy

AI Model Deployment

NLP, Voice Interface and Chatbot

We have fully automated the ingestion and integration of complex Health-Care/Life-Science datasets from various sources and created Dashboards/Reports to get the insights.

Data Ingestion
Data Transformation
Data Insights and Prediction
Data Visualization Efficacy Report
Patients Persistency Reports and Dashboard
Sales and Marketing Budget allocation Optimization

Machine Learning Model deployment and Serving

DeepAlgorithms contain world-class ML consultants and a data science team with hands-on experience applying front-line ML tools and development approaches. As one of the leading machine learning and development companies, our team uses the cross-industry standard process for data mining to ensure that the solution fulfills your business's requirements and objectives.

We dig deep into your project to know your requirements, and at last, we end up with the delivery of a fully automated system that helps you take your business to another level.

We provide end-to-end solutions on the MLOps infrastructure ecosystem.

  • Data Exploration and Processing
  • Data Labeling
  • Feature Engineering
  • Model Training and Tuning
  • Model Versioning, Tracking, and Management
  • Model Deployment and Serving
  • Model Observability
Micro Services
mobile app

Custom Computer Vision

We are ready to help you add value to your business with AI algorithms for robust computer vision solutions. Our aim is to fabricate computer vision intelligence to bring real time changes to your business tasks. we deliver high-end CV solutions extracting data from Images, live video streams and video forms help in the improvement of the workflow of the business of our clients.

We do everything including automation of visual tasks, computer vision consulting and building new products from scratch in order to improve your business. We tailor our tasks and recreate them for your unique requirements.

Automated Data Capture and OCR Services

Technology is increasing rapidly, and in a business, the volume of data that contains details of the business is also increasing dramatically. And many processes were becoming an integral part of the organization’s workflows. Processes like data capture, retrieval, and extraction are now becoming important in business. Also, they are essential in managing a large amount of information stored in different formats and locations.

In DeepAlgorithms, we have OCR, data capture, and location services that will manage your data and automate your business process. Depending on your requirements, DeepAlgorithms provide unique solutions.

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Edge Analytics

Nowadays, the technical growth of companies is becoming so fast, and the growth of connected devices is also occurring rapidly. The device in the industries such as energy, manufacturing, retail, and transportation are rating high volumes of data at the edge of the network; Edge Analytics gather stores this data in real-time and non-site irrespective of the type of analytics.

Internet of things contains the data of companies' abilities, assets, and effects to learn from it. Normally, Edge Analytics is a real-time learning approach where increasing data streams are analyzed at a non-central point in the system, such as a switch, a peripheral node, or connected devices or sensors. This edge analytics is a model of data analysis.